I often get asked, out of all the webpages and scores that I have put online, what my own work is.

Here is an overview of my work:

  1. Arranged by me (Alto, Tenor, Bass), but the tune (the Soprano melody) and the text/lyrics are NOT mine:

  2. Arranged by me (tune/Soprano-melody; NOT by me) and also the lyrics ARE mine:

  3. NOT arranged, nor composed by me, but just/only the lyrics ARE mine:

  4. Composed by me, but the lyrics are NOT mine:

  5. Composed by me and also the lyrics ARE mine:

  6. Not composed, nor arranged by me, but sung by me (with recording of my own voice):

  7. Figured bass realizations of Schemelli's (originally) solo pieces turned into SATB scores by me. All inner voices (Alto/Tenor) are mine: