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144 favorite Christian hymns
No. Title Tune Meter Composer Lyricist Thumbnail
1. When peace like a river attendeth my way
(it is well with my soul)
VILLE DU HAVRE with refrain Bliss, Philip P. Spafford, Horatio G.
2. Abide with me EVENTIDE (MONK) Monk, William H. Lyte, Henry F.
3. Nearer, my God, to Thee BETHANY (MASON) Mason, Lowell Adams, Sarah F.
4. Amazing grace NEW BRITAIN (CM) Unknown
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Newton, John
5. Be still, my soul FINLANDIA Sibelius, Jean Kathrina von Schlegel
(Translated by Borthwick, Jane L.)
6. Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine with refrain Knapp, Phoebe Palmer Crosby, Frances
(Fanny) J.
7. Breath on me, breath of God TRENTHAM Jackson, Robert Hatch, Edwin
8. O love, that will not let me go ST. MARGARET (Peace) Peace, Albert L. Matheson, George
9. Almost persuaded Almost persuaded now to believe (Bliss) Bliss, Philip P. Bliss, Philip P.
10. O the deep, deep love of Jesus EBENEZER (Williams) D Williams, Thomas John Francis, S. Trevor
11. All to Jesus, I surrender
(I surrender all)
All to Jesus, I surrender (Weeden) with refrain Weeden, Winfield S. Van DeVenter, Judson W.
12. All the way my Savior leads me All the way my Savior leads me (Lowry) D Lowry, Robert Crosby, Frances
(Fanny) J.
13. Hark! There comes a whisper Hark! There comes a whisper with refrain Doane, W. Howard Crosby, Frances
(Fanny) J.
14. Come to Him now Jesus is waiting, o sinner for thee (Green) with refrain Green, Charles F. Purvis, Katharine E.
15. Jesus, lover of my soul MARTYN D Marsh, Simeon B. Wesley, Charles
16. I need Thee, every hour I need Thee every hour (Lowry) with refrain Lowry, Robert Hawks, Annie S.
17. Only to know Only to know ( with refrain Sankey, Ira David Young, Helen R.
18. I know that my Redeemer lives O joyful sound, O glorious hour Unknown Medley, Samuel
19. My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine (Gordon) Gordon, A. Judson Featherstone, William R.
20. Out of the depths I cry to You on high SANDON (Purday) Purday, Charles H. Unknown, derived from Psalm 130
21. Safe in the arms of Jesus Safe in the arms of Jesus D with refrain Doane, W. Howard Crosby, Frances
(Fanny) J.
22. Teach me Thy way, o Lord CAMACHA Ramsey, B. Mansell Unknown, derived from Psalm 27
23. The Holy Spirit The Spirit, o sinner Bliss, Philip P. Bliss, Philip P.
24. O, Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me Drink to me only with thine eyes D (CMD) Unknown, old English Air Lavater, Johann Casper
25. Full salvation Precious Savior, Thou hast saved me (Boole) with refrain Bool, Dora Rouse, Louise M.
26. Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven LAUDA ANIMA (Goss) Goss, John Lyte, Henry Francis
27. When I survey the wondrous cross Rockingham (Miller) Miller, Edward
(Arranged by Webbe, Samuel)
Watts, Isaac
28. When I survey the wondrous cross O WALY WALY Unknown
(early 18th century)
Watts, Isaac
29. When I survey the wondrous cross HAMBURG Mason, Lowell Watts, Isaac
30. There is a green hill far away There is a green hill far away (Stebbins) with refrain Stebbins, George C. Alexander, Cecil Frances
31. Just as I am, without one plea WOODWORTH Bradburry, William B. Elliot, Charlotte
32. Golden harps are sounding HERMAS D with refrain Havergal, Frances R. Barr, Perry
33. My faith has found a resting place LANDÅS D Gréty, André Hewitt, Eliza Edmunds
34. There shall be showers of blessing There shall be showers of blessing with refrain McGranahan, James Whittle, D. W.
35. There is life for a look at the crucified One LATAKIA Taylor, Edward G. Hull, Amelia M.
36. Thou my ever lasting portion CLOSE TO THEE with refrain Vail, Silas J. Crosby, Frances
(Fanny) J.
37. Lord, I hear of showers of blessing Lord, I hear of showers of blessing (Bradburry) Bradburry, William B. Codner, Elizabeth
38. When we walk with the Lord TRUST AND OBEY 6.6.9 D with refrain Towner, Daniel B. Sammis, John H.
39. There is a gate that stands ajar GATE AJAR Vail, Silas J. Baxter, Lydia
40. O safe to the Rock that is higher than I HIDING IN Thee with refrain Sankey, Ira David Cushing, William Orcott
41. What a friend we have in Jesus CONVERSE D Converse, Charles C. Scriven, Joseph Medlicott
42. I am praying for you I have a Savior, He's pleading in glory (Sankey) Sankey, Ira David Cluff, Samuel O'Malley
43. Nearer, still nearer MORRIS (Morris) Morris, C.H. Morris, C.H.
44. Only remembered REMEMBERED with refrain Sankey, Ira David Bonar, Horatius
45. Take my life and let it be HENDON Malan,
(Henry Abraham) César
Havergal, Frances Ridley
46. O Little Town of Bethlehem ST. LOUIS (Redner) Redner, Louis Henry Brooks, Philips
47. O come, all ye faithful ADESTE FIDELIS 12.11.12 with refrain Wade, John Francis Oakely, Frederick
48. In the bleak midwinter CRANHAM Irregular Holst, Theodore Gustav Rosetti, Christina Georgina
49. Fairest Lord Jesus CRUSADERS' HYMN Unknown; Silesian folk song Hoffman, August Heinrich
(translated by Seiss, Joseph A.)
50. God so loved the world None None Stainer, Johann Bible, John 3 verse 16
51. And can it be SAGINA wit repeat Campbell, Thomas Wesley, Charles
52. Dear Lord and Father of mankind REST (Maker) Maker, Frederick C. Whittier, John Greenleaf
53. Dear Lord and Father of mankind REPTON Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings Whittier, John Greenleaf
54. The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended ST. CLEMENT (Scholefield) Scholefield, Clement C. Ellerton, John
55. Guide me, o my great Redeemer CWM RHONDA Hughes, John Williams, William
56. Soul of my Saviour ANIMA CHRISTI (Maher) Maher, William J. Unknown, translated by Hegarty, J.
57. Jesus Christ is risen today EASTER HYMN with alleluia Monk, William Henry Wesley, Charles
58. Crown Him with many crows DIADEMATA (Elvey) D Elvey, George J. Bridges, Matthew
59. Hail to the Lord's anointed ELLACOMBE D Crüger, Johann Montgomery, James
60. All creatures of our God and King LAST UNS ERFREUEN with refrain Unknown, from Genevan 68 Assisi, St. Francis of
(paraphrased by William Henry Draper)
61. Thine is the glory JUDAS MACCABEUS Händel, Georg Friedrich Budry, Edmond Louis
(translated by Hoyle, Richard Birch)
62. Jesus, the Lord, is risen DARWALL Darwell, John Haweis, Thomas
63. Paschal Lamb, by God appointed HYFRYDOL D Prichard, Rowland H. Bakewell, John
64. Come Thou long expected Jesus STUTTGART Witt, Christian F.
(Adapted by Gaurtlett, Henry J.)
Wesley, Charles
65. Come Thou long expected Jesus CROSS OF JESUS Stainer, John Wesley, Charles
66. Christ is risen! Alleluia! MORGENLIED Maker, Frederick C. Monsell, John S.B.
67. All hail the power of Jesus' name CORONATION (Holden) Holden, Oliver Perronet, Edward
68. Through the love of God, our Saviour AR HYD Y NOS Unknown
(Welsh traditional melody)
Peters, Mary Bowly
69. O God, we see Thee in the Lamb ARIZONA Earnshaw, Robert Henry Watts, Isaac
70. Glory to Thee, our Father, God ST. PETER (CM) Reinagle, Alexander Robert Burkitt, Francis George
71. Our God and Father, we draw near to Thee MORECAMBE Atkinson, Frederick C. Vergett, Miss N.
72. Abba, Father, we adore Thee WITHER PILGRIM D Bradburry, William B. Unknown
73. O God, Thou hast engaged our hearts MARYTON Smith, Henry Percy Reynolds, Thomas Henry
74. Lord, we love to trace Thy footprints FRIENDSHIP D Thangue, Miss La Bevan, Emma Francis
75. Lo, He comes from heaven descending REGENT SQUARE Smart, Henry T. Wesley, Charles
76. Glory, Lord, is Thine for ever BLAENWERN D Rowlands, William P. Williams, E.
77. Lord, what is man? 't Is He who died MELITA Dykes, John Bacchus Deck, James George
78. O God, whose wondrous name is Love ST. CATHERINE Hemy, Henry F. Chapman, Robert Cleaver
79. Though faint yet pursuing My Jesus I love Thee (Ellis) Ellis, John Unknown
80. Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling with refrain Thompson, Will Lamertine Thompson, Will Lamertine
81. Love Divine, all praise excelling BEECHER D Zundel, John Wesley, Charles
82. Come to the Savior, make no delay Come to the Savior, make no delay with refrain Root, George F. Root, George F.
83. It is fulfilled ES IST VOLLBRACHT Freylinghausen, J.A. Popta, George van
84. Jesus, the very thought of Thee ST. AGNES (Dykes) Dykes, John Bacchus Clairvaux, Bernard of
(translated by Caswall, Edward)
85. Son of God, eternal Saviour BETHANY (Smart) D Smart, Henry Thomas Lowry, Somerset Corry
86. Holy, holy, Holy NICEA (Dykes) Dykes, John Bacchus Heber, Reginald
87. Come back again PAROUSIA (SDG) Alberda, Gertim Alberda, Gertim
88. Christ is born, go forth to meet Him / Once in royal David's city IRBY Cauntlett, Henry J. Costmas, St., the melodian
(translated by Brownlie, John)
89. Hark! the herald Angels sing MENDELSSOHN D Mendelssohn, Felix
(Arranged by Gertim Alberda)
Wesley, Charles
90. Angels we have heard on high GLORIA (French) with refrain Unknown, French carol melody Chadwick, Bishop James
91. A hymn of glory let us sing ASCENSION (Dykes) Dykes, John Bacchus Bede, Venerable
(translated by Charles, Elizabeth Rundle)
92. Away in a manger MUELLER Murray, James R. Unknown
93. Away in a manger CRADLE SONG Kirkpatrick, William
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
94. From heaven high I come to You VOM HIMMEL HOCH Luther, Martin Luther, Martin
(translated by Winkworth, Catherine)
95. The first Noël None Irregular with refrain Unknown
(18th century melody)
96. It came upon the midnight clear CAROL (Willis) D Willis, Richard S. Sears, Edmund H.
97. Joy to the world! The Lord is come! ANTIOCH Mason, Lowell Watts, Isaac
98. Silent night! Holy night! STILLE NACHT Irregular Gruber, Franz Moher, Joseph
(translated by Young, John Freeman)
99. Sing praise to the Lord LAUDATE DOMINUM (Parry) Parry, C. Hubert H. Baker, Henry W.
100. Lord of heaven, Lord I praise You DOMINUS COELUM Alberda, Gertim Alberda, Gertim
101. Jesus Christ has set me free LIBERATED Alberda, Gertim Alberda, Gertim
102. Rock of ages, cleft for me None Unknown
(arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Toplaydy, Augustus
103. O for a closer walk with God BEATITUDO Dykes, John Bacchus Cowper, William
104. Search me, O God, and know my heart today MAORI D Unknown
(traditional Maory melody)
Orr, J. Edwin
105. There is power in the blood POWER IN THE BLOOD Jones, Lewis E. Jones, Lewis E.
106. Speak to my soul, dear Jesus Speake to my soul, dear Jesus D Campana, Fabio Pickett, Leander Lycurgus
107. To Him, who loves us PRIESTS Löwen, Julius
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Alberda, Gertim
(after Revelation 1 vs 5,6)
108. Sing, my soul, to God who made thee CANTATE DOMINO (Schop) Schop, Johann
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Gerhardt, Paul
(translator unknown)
109. In tenderness He sought me In tenderness He sought me Gordon, Adoniram J. Walton, W. Spencer
110. I will sing of my Redeemer I will sing of my Redeemer with refrain McGranahan, James
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Bliss, Philip P.
111. Let us break bread together on our knees None with refrain Unknown
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
112. I love to think of Heav'n DUNBAR Unknown
(arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Hartsough, Lewis
113. Precious Savior, Thou hast saved me Precious Savior, Thou hast saved me with refrain Boole, Dora
(arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Rouse, Louise
114. Of all the gifts Thy love bestows CLAREMONT Foster, J. Cowper, William
115. O Lord, Thy love's unbounded SOVEREIGN GRACE D Haydn, Franz Joseph Deck, James George
116. I heard the voice of Jesus say VOX DILECTI C.M.D. Dykes, John Bacchus Bonar, Horatius
117. O Lord, how does Thy mercy throw DOMINUS REGIT ME Dykes, John Bacchus Bagstaff or Littlewood
118. Worship and thanks and blessing WORSHIP (Haydn) D (Iambic) Haydn, Joseph Michael Wesley, Charles
119. Jesus, shepherd of the sheep CARAMEA Dykes, John Bacchus Cooke, Henry
120. God of mercy, throned on high GOD OF MERCY, THRONED ON HIGH Dykes, John Bacchus Neele, Henry
121. Forth in Thy name, o Lord, I go KEBLE (Dykes) Dykes, John Bacchus Wesley, Charles
122. Love of Jesus, all divine ST. EDMUND (Dykes) Dykes, John Bacchus Bottome, Francis
123. I love the Lord with all my heart MAGNUS PRIMA with refrain Gebhardt, Ernst Heinrich
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Popta, George van
124. Wait, my soul, upon the Lord BELTRA Dykes, John Bacchus Lloyd, William Freeman
125. Once again, o blessed time CHRISTMAS SONG (Dykes) Dykes, John Bacchus Bright, William
126. Sleep, holy Babe! Sleep, holy Babe! Upon Thy mother's breast Dykes, John Bacchus Caswell, Edward
127. From the eastern mountains VALOUR (Mann) D Mann, Arthur Henry Thring, Godfrey
128. Christians awake, salute the happy morn YORKSHIRE Wainwright, John Byrom, John
129. Brightest and best of the sons of the morning ST.NINAN Dykes, John Bacchus Heber, Reginald
130. Hail, all hail the joyful morn GLEBE FIELD Dykes, John Bacchus Auber, Harriet
131. ’t Was in the winter cold DELIVERANCE (Barnby) D Barnby, Joseph Black, Charles Ingham
132. There is a green hill far away HORSLEY Horsley, William Alexander, Cecil Frances
133. The Lord is my shepherd PASTOR (SDG) Bastiaans, Johannes Gijsbertus
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Alberda, Gertim
134. The King of Love my Shepherd is ST. COLUMBA Unknown
(ancient Irish melody)
Baker, Henry W.
135. The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want CRIMOND (CM) Irvine, Jessie S.
(Arr. Grant, David)
Baker, Henry W.
136. Take Thou my hand and lead me SO NIMM DENN MEINE HÄNDE Silcher, Friedrich
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Hausman, Julie von (Crosby, Frances
(Fanny) J.)
137. Waken! Christian Children Unknown (Old English melody) unknown Hamerton, Samuel Collingwood
138. There is sunshine in my sould today SUNSHINE with refrain Sweney, John R.
(Arranged by Alberda, Gertim)
Hewitt, Elizabeth Edmunds
139. As with gladness, men of Old DIX (Kocher) Konrad Kocher William C. Dix
140. For the love of Jesus ALL FOR JESUS (Stainer) John Stainer W.J. Sparrow Simpson
141. God rest you merry, Gentlemen GOD REST YOU MERRY with refrain English carol, 18th century Unknown
142. Glorious, beauteous, golden-bright ['Glorious', 'beauteous', 'golden-bright'] None Unknown Anna M.E. Nichols
143. Cradled in a manger ST. WINIFRED D Sydney Joseph Palmer Dunham George Stringer Rowe
144. O God, our help in ages past ST. ANNE William Croft Isaac Watts
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